Once upon a time…

Beside the baby Sofia was a doe-eyed little doll called Miss Suffering. On the other side was Mr Hope, a perfectly huggable teddy bear. According to Sofia’s immaculate timing, the pair eventually became married and had a child, a little amorable blanket. He was called Endurance, or Ennie, for short. Ennie didn’t know this, but before he came around, Mother and Father used to fight a lot. But, as Sofia liked to tell him, the older Ennie grew, the more amazingly his parents got along. In time, Ennie and his parents met their end. Or as Sofia would say, in God’s good time, since just before they left, Endurance’s adopted son, quiet Strength, had found himself a home in Sofia’s heart. They lived happily ever after. The End.


Merry Christmas!

Next time I do this, if I enjoy it enough to do this again, I should try a background wash~


Wow, over the past 4 months I’ve only posted 3 times…I’m not used to being a consistent person, I guess.. ><;;;

I did a little watercolour today. I usually dislike colouring books because I find them boring but I took this as a watercolour exercise. Normal colouring books don’t have the suitable paper quality, but this one was gifted to me by a friend who knows me well (I certainly would never have found this book!!). The book is one of Pepin’s Artists’ Colouring Books – the one with Indian Designs. Here is a picture of the cover:

Despite spending Christmas night alone tonight, I can imagine all the people-meeting and present-opening happening all over the world like the night sky filling with snowflakes, each delighting in their moment. It’s heartwarming.

I wish the world – that includes you! – a wonderful night, whenever Christmas arrives! I hope that even one person will learn how Christmas really started and choose the freedom to love, this freedom that Jesus Christ offers us.